JC's Humor Collection
JC's Humor Collection

The jokes here have been collected from various sources. When I can find information about origins, I've included it. If you know the origin of an unattributed joke, send me mail. There is a law subdirectory where I've started collecting weird and interesting laws. Contributions are welcome.

Here are some good humor web sites:

The rec.humor.funny newsgroup, the granddaddy of all humor web sites. Some of my jokes were shamelessly stolen from this site. But they don't mind as long as you give them credit, which I'm happy to do. You MUST visit this site. Make it your browser's home page. You'll be happy you did.
The Onion
A satirical "newspaper" from the University of Wisconsin. My daughter was staff photographer for several years, until she unfortunately graduated. You'll see their stuff all over the Net, often unattributed. Go here to see it first. Often sophomoric and tasteless; very often hilarious.
The Internet Oracle
Get answers to all your questions! And you can volunteer to help answer other people's questions.

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