Are You A Jewish Redneck?

  1. Your belt buckle is bigger than your yarmulke.
  2. You have a gun rack in your Sukkah.
  3. You don't ride on Shabbat because your car is up on blocks.
  4. You think a Hora is a high priced call girl.
  5. You light your Shabbat candles with your cigarette.
  6. Instead of a noisemaker, you've fired a shotgun at the sound of Haman's name.
  7. You think "KKK" is a symbol for really kosher.
  8. You think marrying your first cousin is required according to Jewish law.
  9. When someone shouts L'chaim you respond L'howdy.
  10. You are saving a bottle of Mogen David wine for some special occasion.