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Commercial E-Mail Service

Snark does NOT perform mass-mailing or "spam" services. We only send three types of e-mail:

  1. Invoices to Snark customers.
  2. Limited-distribution personal e-mail addressed to individuals (usually friends or acquaintences of Snark personnel).
  3. Messages to users who have explicitly subscribed to mailing lists maintained by Snark.

How Do I Become a Customer?

One commercial e-mail is all it takes to become a Snark customer! By sending your first commercial e-mail to providers of this service, you agree to pay the reasonable sum of $500. Due to the high demand, the discount for repeat business has been discontinued. Each e-mail is now billed at the full price of $500.

What is "Commercial E-Mail"?

Commercial e-mail is any e-mail that...

Any e-mail meeting ANY of the above criteria for "commercial e-mail" is subject to the Snark commercial e-mail charge unless:

Is My Company Eligible For One Free Commercial E-Mail?

No. Snark is not in the business of providing free advertising. There is no "free trial" or "grace" e-mail. As stated above, the first time you use Snark, you become a customer, and are billed the initial $500. No exceptions. By sending commercial e-mail to Snark, you agree to these terms.

What is the "Service" Provided?

Services provided to the customer:

Services provided to other Internet e-mail users:

How Do I Become a Provider?

To become a provider of Snark Commercial E-Mail Service, simply insert the following HTML in your web page:

<a href=""><img width=120 height=50
src="" border=0
alt="Provider of Snark Commercial E-Mail Service"></a>

I recommend that you download a copy of snarksp.gif and make a local reference, though. If you do not have a white background, you might prefer to use snarksp2.gif, which has a button-like look (see below).

Feel free to use the sample invoice, but please modify it to contain your name, address, etc.

Do not send e-mail to This is the only place this e-mail address is listed, so sending e-mail to this address will make your intentions clear.

Below is a summary of the legal basis for this service:

United States Code Title 47, Section 227(a)(2)(B) states that a computer, modem, and/or printer meets the definition of a telephone fax machine. Section 227(b)(1)(C) states that it is unlawful to send any unsolicited advertisement to such equipment. Section 227(b)(3)(C) states that a violation of the aforementioned Section is punishable by action to recover actual monetary loss, or $500, whichever is greater, for each violation.

Provider of Snark Commercial E-Mail Service Provider of Snark Commercial E-Mail Service
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