Subject: Unix and Enlightenment

Unix teaches us about the transitory nature of all things, thus ridding us of samsaric attachments and hastening enlightenment. For instance, while trying to make sense of an X initialization script someone had given me, I came across a line that looked like an ordinary unix shell command with the term "exec" prefaced to it.

Curious as to what exec might do, I typed "exec ls" to a shell window. It listed a directory, then proceeded to kill the shell and every other window I had, leaving the screen almost totally black with a tiny white inactive cursor hanging at the bottom to remind me that nothing is absolute and all things partake of their opposite.

In the past I might have gotten upset or angry at such an occurance. That was before I found enlightenment through Unix. Now, I no longer have attachments to my processes. Both processes and the disapperance of processes are illusory. The world is unix, unix is the world, labor ceaslessly for the salvation of all sentient beings. - Michael Travers