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Our recent vacation photos, complete with accordion and Mini Cooper.

Bonan tagon! Bon jour! Guten tag! Dobar dân! Hyvää päivää! Kali merá! 你好!

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astronomer at Armagh Observatory sheriff of Douglas County, Illinois
statistician at Bell Labs director of U of Alabama Grad School
professor at the University of Texas artist at Duck Street
harp maker in Hawthorne, Florida doctor at UK Palliative Care facility
CEO of Cisco Systems professor at the Univ of Newcastle
motorcycle sidecar racer ceramics room named for designer
... ...

If you can't find something that you expected to find here, try sending me email, and I may be able to put it back.
I'm 46% white and nerdy. --> How White and Nerdy Are You? I got a 46% rating. I guess I'm not enough of a game fanatic or something.
Here are some of the music and dance groups I'm involved with:
Cambridge Folk Orchestra
International Folk Dance Music. Here's an experimental online repertoire file, complete with links to music on the net.
Oivan Ilo
Traditional Finnish music in the Boston area.
Roaring Jelly
The Boston area's massed contra-dance band.
Klezmer Contraband
High-energy contradance music with an Eastern flair.
Old-time Scandinavian dancing. If you'd like to see some of our music, look in this directory.
Finnish folk dances.

Hidden somewhere on this web site is a picture which almost certainly violates the Communications Decency Act and any other local anti-pornography law in your part of the world. The supporters of such legislation often claim that, if you put something on the Web, "Anyone can get it". The Web is supposedly so insecure that any child can download anything at any time. So I've put a naughty picture here as a challenge: Can you (or any neighborhood child ;-) find it? If you succeed in viewing the picture, please send me a message telling me the text across the top, plus an explanation of how you found it. If you can't find it, you might pass my URL on to anyone who makes such provocative claims, and challenge them to show you just how easy it is by finding the picture.

I checked in August 2008, and "ls -lut" said that nobody has read my dirty picture since I created it April 1996. Hey, guys; can't you do better than that!? I mean, it's been more than twelve years and *nobody* has looked at it. It's a nice picture, really! ;-)

Some of my directories
doc Collected documentation.
humor Humor from various sources.
music Musical stuff.
kit Compressed tar kits for downloading.
perl Perl modules and URLs.
pic Assorted images.
resume Assorted resumes.
sh Some useful scripts.
snmp SNMP-related stuff.
src C source tree.
tcl Some useful tcl scripts.
test Assorted test files, mostly web-related.
tools Assorted tools.
www Web tools.

My email addresses, in the order that I'm likely to read them:

    (The above addresses both forward to the same machine.)