JC's Online Stuff

This is a collection of "sites" on this machine. Here are the public sites:
~jc/ All my online stuff.
tune finder/ ABC tune Finder.
ABC Experimental ABC stuff.
abc/ My personal ABC music collection.
book/ My ABC book transcriptions.
RJ full
RJ mobile
Roaring Jelly, a contra-dance band in the Boston area.
CFO The Cambridge Folk Orchestra is a folk-dance band in the Boston area.
sessions Music for "sessions".
BIDA Boston Intergenerational Dance Assoc.
Klezmer Eastern European Jewish music
CFO Cambridge Folk-Dance Orchestra
Sladka Another Boston-area folk-dance band
Slow Scottish Scottish tunes played slowly
Test (for testing the software)
Vintage 17th and 18th Century social dancing
test (for testing this site's software)