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Mayan writing made free use of both horizontal and vertical layouts, frequently mixing both together in complicated ways. Numbers were written with both orientations, usually vertical for horizontal layouts and vice versa. Numbers were also routinely merged in with glyphs for words, in whatever fashion was considered most aesthetically pleasing to the scribe. Our default is consistent with English orthography, but you can select other combinations to see what they look like.

Mayan numbers are simple. The notation is base 20. A "digit" consists of 1-3 lines that have the value 5, plus 1-4 dots that have the value 1. An empty place is represented with a circle or oval, often drawn to represent a clam shell. Mayan merchants would use a row of shells or carved depressions in a piece of wood to represent the places, with sticks and pebbles or beans to represent the digits. Arithmetic was similar to using an abacus.

To be added some day: Pretty images of classical Mayan carved numbers.

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