Humor Sites
Parody of Point Survey This parody of Lycos' "Top 5%" icon was shamelessly stolen from the rec.humor.funny home page. This is the most-visited site on the Web, and has the largest known collection of jokes on all topics.
segfault This site contains parody news releases for the computer industry. It is run by a gang of linux geeks, and some of their satire is quite good.
The Onion "America's Finest News Source." Sophomoric humor at its best. (Hey, my daughter was in on the founding of this, uh, newspaper.)
;-) Here's my own joke collection.
Cruel Site
of the Day
Weird and wonderful places on the Web
Zookman "... the comic strip that does for Irish music what Britney Spears does for culture!" Some of the funniest and most cynical political humor around.
There are no Erics here! There is no Eric Conspiracy!