updated: August 13, 1998, from Lexington, MA
updated: July 26, 1998, from Eden Prairie, MN
updated: July 16, 1998, from Eden Prairie, MN

Our 1998 Quest for American Adventure !!!

July 16, 1998 Update

July 26, 1998 Update

August 10, 1998 Update

As you probably know, Peter, Tom, and I are crossing the continent and are posting a travel log of our adventures with photo's and stories. (Currently mostly photos). If you want to contact us during this trip it will be best to email me at "ed_moriarty@hotmail.com". Emily joined us during our first jaunt to Pennsylvania, and during our week long excursion from Billings through Sheridan, WY, Yellowstone, The Tetons, Devils Tower, Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, and finally ... the Rapid City Regional Airport!!!

As of August 13 we are in Lexington after successfully returning from our western leg of Adventure '98 and taking part in the Collins Family reunion, spending over a week in the sunny Adirondicks! And we are only moments away from extending our trip to sunny Lubec, Maine! (What's another 350 miles anyway? ... answer = 700 miles)

Please Note:

We have passed the 7500 mile mark, and as the only driver for the bulk of the trip (as well as Systems Administrator, graphic designer, and tour guide for the kids) I have not had enough waking hours to both process images, deal with communcation issues etc. So please bear with the lack of descriptions and spotty access to email. Regards from sunny Lexington, MA!

Description: Ed, Pete and Tom took a delightful cruise aboard the world famous Mini-Ha_ha in our 1997 outing to Lake George.

Can you name the mysterious ladies accompanying our heros??

Some nuts in a tree in Welkinwier park. June 23, 1998 My official, but somewhat out of date Resume (from 1994 ... OK OK already ... I'll update it sometime soon!!!