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I basically give away my time for free and try to earn a living. Ill make it up in volume.

Other free stuff finally panned out so at least I can pay the bills now, but hell in the Internet gold rush days, even the stupid succeeded. Never thought in 1993 that people would want to share a single IP address! MSFT thought so :-) The rush is over so I bummed around Seattle enjoying the weather - really! Until the brain started to turn to mush - life was too easy so I had to leave (damn friendly people) ...but I may return...remember capt Pike from Star Trek ? Moved to DC to see if I can "make a difference" and at least learn the system. Ha ! Silly me. Advisor on Internet, Software, Telecomm, Spectrum policy issues at the State Department. UNCLE!! Too much politics! Now I walk along the beach to work at ICANN in LA getting angry about not being able to find anything to get angry about. Navigated politics, security, technology, and people to deploy DNSSEC at the root. What can you do with a PKI managed by an international team and trusted by the global Internet community? We shall soon see.... LA too fake. Lets try NoCal. Sad about failed ICANN MS experiment. Tried force feeding it its own transparency medicine from the inside out but current composition is incetivized to only preserve personal lifestyles and travel. Not wasting life there any longer. Back to more rewarding pursuits. Still doing startups and being creative. BTW: Am I missing something wrt clouds? Seems with Snowden et al, distributing services is what we want, i.e., the anti-cloud. And security issues are obvious. CIO 100 I have spoken with privately say they hate these datacenters with lipstick since, if there is a breach, they will never take full responsibility, financial or otherwise, for the impact. Ive run my own email, dns, web, storage servers for almost 3 decades and its only become easier and cheaper during that time. Seems we have the wrong people in decision making roles. So I think I will call my company "Clear Skies" and distribute all server and storage functions onto the edge like the Internet was meant to be (even cell phones and personal machines). Guess Tim Berners-Lee agrees with "pods".
  • What if all email was secure by default - end to end? How popular would proprietary colaboration apps still be?
  • Whats next ? I think Morse Code wil be the next big thing. A single button Web enabled cell phone requires it ;-)
  • or maybe with the ever-increasing text message length, "email" becomes the next invention from sv ;-)
  • R.I.P. 2000 - The only secure web-email since 1996
  • R.I.P. 2000 - Nevod NAT1000 Cable Modem Concentrator
  • My true reason for living: My Dog Ralf's Home Page Travels With Ralf
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    1. "Most are cold, few are frozen."
                                    - Sleepless in Seattle Author
    2. "red that could mean caution or beef if it is a bullion cube"
                                    - Robin Williams sister in "Toys"
    3. "Life is what happens to you while your are making other plans."
                                    - John Lenin, Beautiful Boy
    4. Colonel (Donald Sutherland): "The strength of a bureaucracy is measured
                    by its resistance to giving anybody special treatment."
       Detective:"You dont judge a man by what he says, do you ?"
       Colonel: "You do if he talks for a living."
                                    - Citizen X
    5. "Waiting for an anchovy pizza or true enlightenment, whichever comes first"
                                    - Me 1982
    6. "In sympathy with one toy soldier and other misfit toys on their own.
       May I be the one to repair all their broken drums."
                                    - one once small boy
    7. "a quiet dog is a devil dog" - mom
    8. Last meal: A rare steak, a dry red, and a piece of marked down sheet cake. 
    9. "Follow YOUR passion - not others." - me
    (re:Interests proffesional,personal,social,e.g., media)
    10. "I no longer wish to be limited to the clouds." - Star Trek 1969 "The Cloud Minders"
    Profile: Favorite Movie and Soundtrack: Toys /w Robin Williams
             Favorite Drink: Was: Chopin Vodka Martini /w Lime Now: an oily Old Vine Zin
             Last book 978-0-615-43045-4

    18JAN2022 Rose- You gave me both of number 5. You left this earth in good spirits and on your own terms. I hope to see you again someday, if I am good.
    Why am I here?
    Richard Lamb (MIT ScD '87)
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