John Chambers' abc tools

This directory contains scripts, mostly in perl4, maybe a few in perl5, that manipulate abc music notation. This is all rather experimental, but you are welcome to copy any of these and use them for your own purposes (as long as you don't try to claim that they're yours). If you come up with improvements, you might send me a note describing what you did. And, of course, things here will change whenever I decide to download the latest version from my home system.

Here are descriptions of a few of the tools:

A netscape helper that feeds an abc file to abc2ps and then fires up an xterm to edit the abc source, plus ghostview to display the music.
A netscape "meta-helper" that looks at the file's suffix and starts up a helper that depends on the suffix. Solves the problem that most abc files are given MIME type text/plain by most servers.
A wish (tcl/tk) script that works standalone or as a netscape helper, showing abc source in a text frame, and with pushbuttons to do some things (such as run abc2ps and ghostview) on the file.
A web robot that searches for files that contain abc code, and build web pages that index the tunes.
A sh script to run Tunelist and produce the index files that you can see in ../Index/.
A perl script that built the medley pages in ../music/abc/Scotland/.
A script that converts a postscript file to gif. Works on linux, may work on other Unix-like systems with the ppm library.
A perl script that downloads one or more files from the web and writes them to standard output. A web version of the Unix cat(1) command.
A perl script that downloads an entire directory of files from the web, with a recursion option to copy several levels of directories.
A perl script that shows you the status (HEAD) info for one or more URLs.