ABC      X C1:Code 1          C2:Code 2          M:Meter K:Key          H:Headers T:Title
---      - C1:------          C2:------          M:----- K:---          H:------- T:-----
ABC      1 C1:                C2:                M:      K:             H:SW     T:6: The Compleat Country Dancing-Master
ABC  10693 C1:053625344352701 C2:dudududududuudd M:C|    K:Bb           H:BCFLRZ T:6. THE COUNTESS OF SUTHERLAND'S REEL
ABC     61 C1:010202030100077 C2:duuudududuuudud M:2/4   K:D            H:OR     T:6. THE CUMBERLAND SQUARE EIGHT (32 bar reels)
ABC      6 C1:221200277777000 C2:uuuuuddddduuuud M:C     K:C            H:IL     T:6 The Gypsies Hornpipe