Music Of Ireland

Sometimes called "The Book", O'Neill's Music Of Ireland has been the most important printed collection of Irish dance music since it was first published at the beggining of this century. Containing 1850 tunes, this book is often the first place to look for a setting of an Irish dance tune.

The O'Neill's Project intends to make this collection of tunes freely available online in various computer formats - ABC files of the tunes, midi sound files possibly scans of the book itself, and audio samples of musicians playing some of the tunes, along with convenient computer search engines to help you find a particular tune.

This project was started at the John J. Ward Jr Irish Music Archives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, by Dan Beimborn. They decided to not continue allowing the use of their disk space for this purpose, and Dan was getting rather busy, so he asked for help. As a result, the baton was passed to two people: John Chambers and Eric Mrozek.

At any time while this project is underway, your help would be greatly appreciated. The first goal is to enter all 1850 tunes into ABC format- if you would like to take on a block of 10, 25, 50, or 100 tunes, please contact John Chambers or Eric Mrozek. You can also send email to Dan Beimborn if you like, though he's no longer actively involved.

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