O'Neill's Music of Ireland - single tunes
O'Neill's Music of Ireland - single tunes
Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Melodies
O'Neill's Music of Ireland

This directory contains the tunes from the O'Neill's Music of Ireland, one tune per file. You can search for a tune by name by going to the ABC tune finder page and typing in a title or fragment of a title. The tunes flagged with an asterisk are the O'Neill's tunes.

We are now inn the "proofreading" phase, and everyone with a copy of O'Neill's is invited to examine any of the tunes that you download. Please look up your favorite tunes, compare them with your (or a friend's) copy of O'Neill's, and send in the error reports.

The file names here all include a 2-character id that indicates the file's source. Some of the tunes were transcribed by more than one person. Eventually the duplicates should be merged.

The original O'Neill's Music of Ireland has been out of copyright for many years now. This collection of ABC transcriptions is copyrighted 1997-2000 by the contributors to the project. You are welcome to download anything here and use it, as long as you give credit to the transcribers, and take credit for any corrections or enhancements that you might make.

Experimental gimmick: Tune List program lists all the tunes and provides conversion from ABC to various formats.