O'Neill's Project's History

This is a merger of Dan's Progress and Files tables. I've tried to collect all the information about who transcribed which tunes when. If you can fill in any of the blanks, please send me mail. Note that many of the email addresses are no longer valid; the best way to locate any of the transcribers might be to ask on the irtrad-l mailing list.

Only a few people have volunteered to proofread someone else's block of files. However, a number of people have fed large parts of the collection to their favorite ABC tools and sent me the error output. I'd like to thank Henrik Norbeck and Frank Nordberg specially for doing this. The result has been to eliminate most of the portability problems, so that this collection should work pretty well with any reasonably standard ABC software.

I've also unpacked all the tunes into two directories, where I make most of the changes:

F Block of tunes.
X Single tunes by index number.

The Tunes links below will return the current versions of the tunes in blocks of tunes as sumbitted by the transcribers. These are built from the tunes in the X directory, which is where I do any editing.

Tunes Type Transcriber Proofreader Started Updated
0001-0050 Airs Norbert Paap     1997/06/26
0051-0100 Airs, Songs John Chambers   1999/12/02 1999/12/22
0101-0200 Airs Henrik Norbeck     1997/08/18
0201-0300 Airs John Chambers     1997/09/12
0301-0350 Airs John Chambers   1999/12/25 1999/12/30
0351-0400 Airs Chris Falt     1997/12/29
0401-0486 Airs, Songs Henrik Norbeck   1998/01/17 1998/07/27
0487-0500 Airs, Songs John Chambers   1999/12/13 1999/12/15
0501-0550 Airs, Songs David Wooldridge   1998/01/17 1998/05/28
0550-0625 Airs, Songs John Walsh     1998/05/10
0626-0635 O'Carolan Ted Hastings     1997/08/18
0626-0700 O'Carolan John Chambers     1997/08/18
0701-0720 Jigs Lee Worman   1999/05/28 1999/09/05
0721-0730 Jigs Marguerite Plank Steven Foy   1997/07/07
0731-0731 Jig Henrik Norbeck     1998/07/27
0732-0758 Jigs Bob Safranek     1999/05/28
0732-0758 Jigs Michael Hogan     1999/08/27
0759-0810 Jigs Steven Foy     1997/06/25
0811-0899 Jigs Dan Peterson     1997/06/25
0900-0950 Jigs Tom Keays     1997/11/22
0951-0981 Jigs Dan Peterson     1997/07/05
0981-1000 Jigs RJ Thorpe     1997/07/04
1001-1031 Jigs Dan Peterson     1997/09/21
1031-1115 Jigs Henrik Norbeck     199?/??/??
1116-1135 Slip Jigs Michael D. Long     1999/01/11
1116-1135 Slip Jigs Michael Hogan     1999/01/18
1136-1175 Slip Jigs Steven Foy     1997/07/05
1176-1275 Reels Trish O'Neil Phil Taylor   1997/06/25
1276-1375 Reels Trish O'Neil     1997/09/04
1376-1475 Reels Bob Safranek     1997/08/03
1476-1555 Reels John Walsh     1997/11/22
1556-1576 Hornpipes Bill Haneman   1999/08/25 2000/01/20
1556-1624 Hornpipes Michael Hogan     1999/02/24
1577-1624 Hornpipes Michael D. Long   1999/01/03 1999/08/26
1625-1700 Hornpipes Nick Terhorst     1997/08/03
1701-1780 Hornpipes Bob Safranek     1997/12/29
1710-1750 Jigs Lee Worman   1999/06/07 1999/08/26
1781-1800 Hornpipes Robert Thorpe     1997/11/22
1801-1850 Marches Bob Safranek     1997/09/20

Please send corrections to John Chambers.