O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland

This directory contains John Chambers' copy of Frank Nordberg's transcription of O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland, also known as "O'Neill's 1001". Here's an image of the front cover The tunes are in two directories:

The tunes in groups of 100.
Single tunes by title.
Single tunes by index number.

This book is currently published by Waltons. If you learn of another publisher, send me email. Here are some places online that you might look for it:

  • The Whistle Shop
  • amazon.com
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Mel Bay

    One request: Please don't link to any of the directories below this one. I am contemplating several ways of augmenting this collection, and some of the ideas will require reorganizing the directories. So links below this directory may not keep working forever.