Skillern & Challoner - Popular Country Dances
In the early 1800s, Skillern & Challoner published a set of 4-page (1 sheet folded in half) leaflets, each containing 6-10 tunes with dance descriptions. There seem to have been at least 14 of them, but only a few have appeared on line so far (5,8,9,10).

Since there are so few tunes in each "publication", they have all been put in this directory, with a file name starting with NNPT, where NN in the leaflet's number (1-14), P is the page (2-4), and T is the tune number on the page. This is followed by the title, with underscores separating the words. Some tunes have two transcriptions, for versions 1.* and 2.* of ABC, since there's a lot of ABC software that doesn't handle many of the features added in version2 (voice overlays, crescendo/diminuendo symbols, etc.)

Here's a tool to list the tunes in each file and return them in various formats: Tune lister. The PCD* files contain all the tunes that have been transcribed so far.