24 Country Dances for the Year ...

During the late 1700s and early 1800s, there was a series of dance books (music + dance figures) published in London, with various editors arranging each year's publication. This directory is an attempt to collect scans of as many of them as can be found, and also transcribe the music to ABC form. Most of them contained 24 tunes, plus a description of a dance for each. A few contain some other number of dances, which I may include here.

It was common to also publish collections every few years that combine the publisher's earlier annual dance booklets, plus perhaps a few well-known dances in addition. Those I've put in directories named for the editor/publisher, in the parent directory to this one.

The ABC versions of many of these tunes were made by Andrew Kuntz of Fiddler's Companion fame. Andrew has done us a real service by digging up the history of thousands of tunes, and putting it all online for easy access. His more recent incarnation of his database is now at tunearch.org, and is set up as a wiki, so anyone can get an account and contribute information.

I've transcribed tunes from other books in the series, and various other people have sent me their transcriptions. I've concentrated in including the dance descriptions that are present in most of these booklets.

If you have an ABC of any of the tunes in these collections, could you send me a copy? Be sure to give yourself credit in a Z: header line.

Also, if you have a printed copy or photocopy of any of these collections not transcribed yet, could you contact me and let me know how to get a copy?