Test of EMBED tag

Here's an ABC tune linked to within an EMBED tag:

Here's an ABC tune directly embedded within HTML: X: 1 T: the Atholl Highlanders Jig O: Trad R: jig-time march Z: John Chambers N: The G chords are often modernized to E7, except for the last line, which always has G. N: Hebert p.20 N: Lord Athlone's March on Banff SBS5406 D: Graham Townsend on the Piper's Broken Finger D: Boys of the Lough, cut 4A M: 6/8 L: 1/8 K: AMix=g c/d/ \ |: "A"e3 e>cA | ecA "G"Bcd \ |1,3 "A"e3 e>cA | "G"Bcd "(E)"cBA \ :|2,4 "A"e-ce Ace | "D"A>df Adf \ |1,3 "A"A>ce Ace | "G"Bcd "(E)"c2B \ :|2,4 "A"e-Ac cAc | "G"d-