JC's ABC-to-PostScript Music Formatter
JC's ABC-to-PostScript Music Formatter

This directory contains my "clone" of the abc2ps program, renamed jcabc2ps to avoid confusion and aid in testing. The primary purpose of this version is for use in my ABC Tune Finder. The emphasis has been on recognizing most of the variations in ABC caused by the large amount of ABC software, and doing something sensible with as much it as possible. This does mean that this version of abc2ps is not really appropriate for testing ABC for standards compliance.

Everything here is covered by the terms of the GPL (GNU Public License). You're welcome to copy it and use it, as long as you don't try to claim it's yours. And if you make any interesting additions (or bug fixes), send me a copy.

Here's a link to get an ABC list of the files in this directory, with links that can convert to a variety of formats. This may be useful in looking at things here from a remote system that lacks a PS viewer.

There are some subdirectories:
abc/ Lots of abc test files.
ps/ Where postscript files are put when you type "make test"
pdf/ Where PDF files are put when you type "make test"
log/ Where log files are put when you type "make test"
A "make clean" command here will empty out the ps/, pdf/ and log/ subdirectories, and delete all the intermediate (*.o) files from compiles plus the executables.