ABC in HTML formatting example

This file contains 3 ABC sequences:

To generate the music, do:

	abcm2ps sample8.html -z -O Out.html
and this will create the file Out.html.

X:1 T:An durzunell %%infoline 1 C:Trad. O:Brittany M:6/8 K:Bb B,2DF2F|FB GF2z|DGFC2D|B,3-B,2z|B,2DF2F|FB GF2z|DGFC2D|B,3-B,2z|| B,2CD2D|DE DC2z|DEFG2F|C3-C2z|B,2DF2F|FB GF2z|DGFC2D|B,6||

Beginning of 'Au clair de la lune' X:2 %%bgcolor lightblue %%musicspace 0 M:C L:auto %%pagewidth 14cm K:C cccd|ed|cedd|c||

%abc2.1 %%select 2,4 %%abc-include