Fiddle Hell tune collection
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In 2020 the Fiddle Hell gathering in the Boston area went online for pandemic reasons. Instead of paper, handouts have been done as images of music in a lot of formats. Most are in PDF format, but some are in PNG or GIF or other formats. Many are computer formatted; others are photos of handwritten music. I've taken this as a good source of test files for my experiments with online "session" music. These are mostly transcribed to ABC music notation, as I get around to it, They are sometimes reformatted to fit better in a small window on a portable gadget's screen. The collection has grown too large, so the tunes have been moved into subdirectories according to a simple classification scheme (mostly rhythms).

For visitors who would like full access to the collection as organized here, the full list of this directory's contents is below. But first, here are some of the tune lists from Fiddle Hell:

  • Fiddle Hell Common Tunes list 1
  • Fiddle Hell Common Tunes list 2
  • Fiddle Hell Common Tunes list 3
    What follows is mostly a list of subdirecories. The capitalized names are mostly named for tunes, and contain several versions of a tune. The lower-case names are classifications, mostly rhythms. They contain the tunes that were in handouts and/or taught in workshops and/or played in jam sessions.