mirror mirror

The site had around 15,000 tunes in ABC format, but they disappeared back in April of 2004. I'd been playing around with a cache used by my tune finder's search bot, and had copies of all the site's tune files, so I moved them here for safekeeping. Many of these files are duplicates of others, but some seem to be unique.

I recently found that the site has reappeared, but the tune collection seems "frozen" as a single huge .zip file. This is far too expensive for a tool like my tune finder, so I unpacked the collection here. I'll check occasionally to see if there are new tunes there. In any case, if you're John Layton or a friend of his, send me a note and let me know what you'd like done with this collection. Until then, I'll keep this mirror as it is.

(As of 2010, seems to exist, but the web server rejects all requests as "not found". Nominet UK says the domain is registered to Orange Home UK PLC, but they may just be responding to all nonexistent host.domain requests with a "not found" rather than a 404 error code.)