This is my collections of ABC tunes posted to the irtrad-l mailing list. I've tried to collect the information posted about a tune and put it all into the ABC headers. You can find the original messages at the list's archives. If anyone else is archiving this list, let me know, and I can add a link to your site.

If you don't have ABC software, you might like to try a tool that I'm working on that returns the tunes in various formats:
This will return the page you're looking at now, but the ABC files will be expanded to show all the tunes, and each tune will have a line of links that will return it in a number of different formats.
There is a good chance that some of the tunes here are new and under copyright. If you are the composer or owner of a tune, let me know. I can either delete or modify the tune as you prefer. I'd especially like to add the names, email addresses and/or URLs for the owners of tunes, so that people can contact you easily.