X:1 T:Humors of Kilkenny M:6/8 L:1/8 R:jig D:James Kelly, Paddy O'Brien and Da\'ithi Sproule: Traditional Music of D:Irel D:d Z:Devin McCabe K:G G2g gag dBG|A2B ~c2d ecA|G2g gag dBG|1(3efg e faf gdB:|2(3ABc A BGE E2B|| !e2f ~g2e fdB|e2f ~g2a bge|gbg faf (3efg e|BdB AcA BGE| !e2f ~g2e fdB|e2f ~g2a bge|faf ~g2e dBG|(3ABc A BGE E2F|| % ABC2Win Version 2.1 11/26/2000