X:1 T: The Merry Sisters of Fate M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:170 C:Donogh Hennessey R:waltz D:L\'unasa: The Merry Sisters of Fate Z:Devin McCabe K:G G3 A AG|BG E-~E2 F|G2 GA AG|(3Bcd dG Bd| !e3 g fd|de ed (3BAG|A3 G AB|1Bd de BA:|2Bd dG (3Bcd|| !e3 a ab|g2 gf ge|d3 e fg|BA G2 (3Bcd| !e3 a ab|g2 gd e/2f/2g/2a/2|b6|bd ad gd| !e3 g fd|e2 ed (3BAG|A2 AG AB|Bd de BG| !A2 AB AG|DE ED (3EFG|A2 AG AB|Bd de BA|| % ABC2Win Version 2.1 6/26/2001