X:1 T:Lark on the Strand, The M:6/8 L:1/8 R:jig D:Ois\'in MacDiarmada, Brian Fitzgerald and Miche\'al \'O Ruanaigh: D:Traditional Music on Fiddle, Banjo and Harp Z:Devin McCabe K:F#dor %Slurs used in this tune are not necessarily used to represent %bowings, but as a smooth transition from one note to the next %much in the same way a slide would be used. F3 FEF|FEC EFG|(EF)F EGB|(Bc)c cBG| !(EF)F FEF|FEC EB,C|EGF EFG|(B{d}B)A GBG:| !:EGB dee-|egf e2E|EGB ded|(Bc)c cBG| !EGB dee-|egf efg|(ef)f feB|(Bc)c cBG:| % ABC2Win Version 2.1 12/31/2000