Mirror of goldenaer.com

A small collection of ABC tunes at goldenaer.com appeared in early 2015, and then disappeared in early 2016, never to be seen again. I had some of the .abc files in my experimental cache, so I moved them here for safekeeping. If you're the owner of these files, sent me email saying what you want done with them. In the meantime, I'll keep them here to make these versions of the tunes available to others.

The original tunes were all in a file called Captain_Kidd_abc.html, which no longer exists on the site. Whoever put that file there probably moved on, and their files were deleted.

An interesting aspect to this case is that (as of early 2021), the site contains some song collections, and the web pages have some plain-text notation that shares some features with ABC notation. It isn't real ABC, but there may be some vague connection at work. So I haven't put the site on my "Bad Sites" list, in case some more readable (by software) music happens to appear there again.