Liam's Gaelsong Collection

This is a mirror of Liam Hart's Gaelic Song collection. It disappeared from around February 2004, and since then attempts to reach Liam have failed. So I've put a copy here until he reappears. I've edited his songs into plain abc form, with the lyrics included as W: lines. I've used both .abc and .txt suffixes for the benefit of software that distinguishes them.

There's also another mirror of Liam's collection, edited smewhat differently.

Hey, Liam, if you run across this directory, send me email and let me know what to do with your transcriptions. If you need space until you can get your own site, I could put up some more songs here.

If you don't have ABC software, you might like to try a tool that I'm working on that returns the tunes in various formats: CLICK HERE. This will return the page you're looking at now, but the ABC files will be expanded to show all the tunes, and each tune will have a line of links to return it in a number of different formats.