A file with around 130 tunes was discovered on this site in April 2004, and disappeared around August 2014. Most of the tunes were of French origin, and didn't seem to exist elsewhere on the Web, so I copied them here for safekeeping.

If you are the owner of these transcriptions, or know where they've moved, you might let me know, and we can decide what to do with this copy. Meanwhile, I'll just leave it here to keep the tunes available.

I did find that the tunes here have a lot of line-wrap damage, stray '!' characters, and nonstandard repeat symbols. This would make the tunes unusable on with most current ABC software. I went through the tunes and fixed such problems, which ended up somewhat reformatting most of them. They might still not work correctly everywhere.

Here are some tools for coverting ABC tune files to other formats:
Tune lister - Collection lister