Keith Murphy tunes

A lot of Keith's tunes have become standards in the contra-dance community, and many have also been transcribed to ABC notation. I ran a search to find them, and linked them here.

Hey, Keith, if you find this directory and object to the tunes being here, send me email and tell me what you'd like done with them. I can delete them if you like, or I can just delete the ones that aren't correct transcriptions. For any that are left, tell me what info you'd like to see in the headers. I do like to see correct information in a tune's headers. I've done this for a few other tune writers who've asked me to. For example, George Meikle sent me a PDF of all his tunes, and I made transcriptions of them, to make sure that correct versions are available online. (We can't really do much about the bad versions on other's sites.)

For the rest of us who aren't Keith, I'll mention that is Keith's web site. You can get his (and Becky's) music there. In particular, all these tunes are available in booklets that have a nice wire binding for sitting on music stands, and are small enough to fit several in a fiddle or guitar case. So order a copy through his web site, so that he gets all the money.

In the meantime, some of Keith's best-known tunes are here so you can learn them. But these versions aren't authoritative; they're whatever the transcriber decided to put in the file. (I bought copies of his books at the recent Fiddle Hell weekend, but I haven't yet had time to compare them with the files here.)

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