Speledans - Boston Scandinavian Dance Group
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Tue Nov 23 1999

Speledans is the Boston area's Scandinavian folk dance organization. We put on public dances on a fairly regular schedule. The schedule is often sparse during the summer (because so many of us are off at Scandinavian dance events). The usual schedule each month is: Here's where the dances are usually held:
Church of Our Savior
25 Monmouth Street, Brookline, Mass.

1999-2000 Schedule

Winter 2000:
(If there is a weather-related parking ban in Brookline our event will be cancelled.)

Spring 2000:

Special events

Spring Workshop
Speledans presents its third annual SPRING WORKSHOP & Dance Party:
This coming Saturday, March 25, 2000
Both events at Church of Our Saviour
- 25 Monmouth St (corner of Carlton St), Brookline, Mass.
WORKSHOP: 1:30 to 6pm. Admission $8. Featuring
- Polskor fr. Föllinge, by Rita & Chris Leydon
- Polska och Bakmes fr. Ramsele, by Wendy Ernst & Morty Isaacson
- Live music by John Chambers, Matt Fichtenbaum, plus friends.
Evening Dance Party: 8 to 11 pm. Admission $6.
- Quick Reviews. Live Music
Telespringar class
Telespringar (Norwegian Couple Dance) taught by David Golber and Clare Stanley.
Five classes 7:30-9 PM Sunday nights May 7, 14, 21 and June 4, 11 at the Cambridge YWCA, 7 Temple Street, Central Square, Cambridge.
$10 per class.
Students will be strongly urged to purchase two recordings to accustom their ears to this beautiful music - cost about $35.
All classes taught to live Hardanger fiddle music by Toby Weinberg.
Bring non-rubber soled shoes to class.
Contact: David Golber, 617/661-3670, dgolber@aol.com.

Telespringar has an enormous repertoire of moves, done to powerful and subtle music - different from anything you've ever heard before. Swing is the closest thing to it. The intense give and take of leading and following carry the partners into a world where the beat of the music merges with the pulse of the dance. Hardanger fiddle player Toby Weinberg, featured soloist at the Cambridge Christmas Revels in 1993, will provide live music for all classes. Bring non-rubber soled shoes to class.

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Roo Lester

Some Speledans members:
  • 1-781-647-1813 John Chambers & Shelley Drowns (musicians)
  • 1-617-277-2496 Hilkka & John Williams
  • 1-781-891-3207 Erica & Morty
  • 1-781-643-0924 John Hostage
  • 1-781-862-8823 Wendy & David Ernst
  • 1-781-862-6096 Eph Weiss
  • 1-508-256-8546 Matt Fichtenbaum (musician)
  • 1-617-862-5327 Jim & Heidi Hipple.
  • 1-508-429-6311 Charlie Rapport
  • 1-617-625-2764 Toby Weinberg (musician)

  • Musicians might be interested in checking out the phenomenon of shareware, emailable music using the abc notation system. I have a music directory / that is full of music in abc notation; the Scand subdirectory contains some Scandinavian tunes that the Boston gang plays.
    Please send updates and corrections to John Chambers at MIT or to John Chambers and Shelley Drowns at the World (and ISP).

    The nice banners at the top came from Glenn R. Wichman at the Nordic-American Web Ring. You can find them at http://www.wichman.org/norden/.