The Morris Ring
The Morris Ring
This directory contains ABC transcriptions of the tunes from The Morris Ring. I've done most of them myself, though a few have been contributed by others, mostly via a couple of mailing lists.

There are problems with typing in some of the tunes, mostly with things in the attached text:

Repeat patterns
These contain things like fractions and superscripts that aren't in the ASCII charset, and there's no clear way to indicate the charset yet in ABC. So I've taken the liberty of switching to a slightly different style of notating repeats: Letters (A, B, C, ...) stand for only one repeat of the phrase. Repeats are always indicated by a following number, as ABC likes to do. Exponents are represented as plain numbers. This all means that some repeat counts will be twice what they are in the original, when the music includes repeat marks. As in the original, the few alternate endings are ignored in the P: lines and treated as obvious. In any case, groups that currently dance these dances are likely to use a different repeat pattern, so a musician must be prepared to play what is wanted.
Duplicate titles
There are many cases of duplicate titles. This is mostly for different versions of a tune, but sometimes they are totally different tunes. This is ignored inside the tunes. Files have numbers on the ends of their names to distinguish such tunes. These numbers are meaningless; they are merely an artifact of the order that tunes were transcribed.
Mostly the transcription is "warts and all", and sometimes note lengths don't quite add up. Such things have been corrected only in a few cases where they were clearly typos. Flakey notation, especially in endings, is transcribed without change. This may produce strange results from software that plays the ABC or converts it to MIDI.

All the tunes here are in ABC format. If you don't have ABC software, you can CLICK HERE to use a tool that converts the tunes to other formats. This will return the page you're looking at now, but the ABC files will be expanded to show all the tunes, and each tune will have a line of links to return it in a number of different formats.