JC's Contra-Dance Tune Collection

This is John Chambers' collection of contradance music. The tunes themselves are in subdirectories with names like jig, march, reel, polka, hornpipe and waltz. These classifications are somewhat arbitrary, and some tunes may be in more than one subdirectory.

The files here with names that start with "CJ" (Contra Jig), "CR" (Contra Reel), and "CW" (Contra Waltz) are pages of tune medleys that I keep in binders and sometimes take to dances. They are tunes that I and a lot of people that I know play. The pages are more or less arranged to be good medleys for dances, though of course this is a matter of taste, and I usually mix tunes at random anyway. If you like a medley, grab a copy, because tomorrow I may change it.

You may also want to look in the nearby Ireland, Scotland, England, Quebec, Roaring Jelly and Klez-Contra directories for more material.

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