Directions to John & Shelley's house
33 Cedarwood Ave
(or 108 Florence Rd)
Waltham MA 02453
617-803-1797 [John] or 781-526-0134 [Shelley]

By GPS gadget:
It's best to use our 108 Florence Rd address for GPS. That will put you at the base of the steps up to our back yard and patio, and there's more parking on Florence than on Cedarwood.
By car from the Mass Pike or 128/I95 or points west:
Take I-95 (128) or US20 to their interchange, exit 41 (formerly 26), which is the next exit north of the Mass Pike. Go one block east (towards Waltham) to the first light. Turn right, and go one block south. It's the pointy red-brown house on the far right corner. It's usually best to park on the side street (Florence), and go up the stairs to the back door or back yard.
By car via US 20 (from Watertown or Waltham)
This is tricky ... Take 20 west through Waltham center. After about a mile, 20 will fork to the left. (Straight ahead is 117.) Follow 20 another half mile or so, up a long grade. You can't legally turn left on Cedarwood, so watch for a fork just before some lights, with a small sign saying Cedarwood and/or 117, pointing right. This is a small semi-rotary. Drive around it to the lights, go through the lights, and go one block. It's the pointy red-brown house on the far right corner. If you miss the sign for the fork and find yourself at the interchange with I95/128, that's a rotary, too. Go around it, come back, and follow the 2nd set of directions above.
By mass transit:
Take the Cedarwood bus (70), which starts at Central Square in Cambridge, and passes through Watertown Center. The west end of the line is at the light mentioned above. Walk a block south on Cedarwood, and we're at the red-brown house on the far right corner.
From Brandeis:
If the commuter rail line that stops at Brandeis is convenient, you can get off there and walk across the campus to the Cedarwood neighborhood. There's a gate just left of the water tower, on a street that goes to a gate that is usually closed to auto traffic, but is open to people and bicycles. From there, it's two blocks to Cedarwood, turn right, and then 2 blocks to our house. From the rail stop it is about a mile walk, mostly uphill, so I don't recommend it in bad weather. The 553 bus line (Roberts) stops at Brandeis, too.
From Natick, Sudbury, Maynard or other western suburbs:
Take state road 27 to US 20, which is around 5 miles north of the Mass Pike. Turn east, and go about 6 miles until you cross I-95 (128). Go to the next light, turn right, and go one block south. It's the pointy red-brown house on the far right corner.